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Native English Language Teachers are needed in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Naseer
Job Description

Native English Language Teachers are needed in Saudi Arabia

Native English Language Teachers Required In Saudi Arabia

Arabian Education & Training Group

Positions available with the AETG for Native English Teachers of both genders to help us to run ESL programs in our various projects.

Only born citizens of Australia, Canada, Ireland, new Zealand , South Africa, united kingdom and united states may apply

Job Details

Male and female instructors required for teaching ESL to adult trainees in Saudi Arabia. these students are college freshmen , civil servants, military personnel and generally public and private sector employees.

The instructors shall be self-sustained, motivated and diligent individuals who shall be dedicated to the arduous task of imparting knowledge to students hailing from a different culture and at times perhaps, very different levels of cognitive abilities to acquire new language skills. you shall be provided prescribed curriculum and training to deliver it.


A bachelors degree in Tesol/Applied Linguistics or English Education is preferred . other first degrees also acceptable supplemented by a tesol certification such as celta, canadian or us -tesol , international tesol with a minimum of (120) hrs of instruction including teaching practice content not less than fifty percent of the program.

A Master Degree in TESOL/ English education or English literature, other degrees shall not be counted for remuneration package allocation. graduate degree supplemented by a professional certification shall be well compensated.

Ph.D in Linguistics , English Education / curriculum & instruction with English education track. any supplement professional credential shall be considered for extra compensation. any other doctoral qualifications shall not be considered in lieu of fulfillment of the position requirements. experience in research related to tesol , faculty tenure shall be appreciated and recommended for appropriate compensation.

B.ED/M.ED in teaching and learning / English teaching. TESOL also acceptable. experience in teaching practice shall be compensated in remuneration package.

Remuneration package


Bachelors Degree holders with a two years experience in TESOL , post Professional Credential award or a TESOL/applied Linguistics Degree - US$32K ,the salary ladder will rise proportional to years of experience topping US$38K p 10+ Years . Applicants without the required experience but holding adequate credentials shall be considered but for a lower Salary package.

Graduate Degree Holders with a minimum of Two Years experience post award , start at $36K and top out at $42K with 10+years Experience under the belt.

Doctoral Degree Holders , with 2 Years Experience will start at $42K topping at 55K with teaching / research experience in Foreign Language Learning exceeding five years .


Furnished Accommodation shall be provided with the Housing Allowance option for Males at the rate of 25% of the annual Salary.

Comprehensive Health Insurance Cover , for males with families thee members shall be entitled to the service.

Economy Class Air passage paid for at the initial arrival and for annual leave .Males seeking to bring family shall be entitled to three tickets for the members , too.

All government sanctioned Public Holidays shall be paid for in full.

Duration of the contract is 12 months , renewable with the consent of both parties. The Instructor shall be entitled to his/her annual leave after eleven months on the job .

Employment Visa , ending up in a Residence Permit (Iqama)

Commuting Allowance or company Transportation provided.

Interested candidates MUST fill in the information below and email along with your CV at










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